Established on a ground of 3 ha, the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha is a ecolodge of 3 stars promises to the visitors of the park Tsingy de Bemaraha: Venture, Discovered and Wellness at the same time.

Such is the slogan :

« Adventure, Discovered and Wellness at the same time »


To arrive at the destination « Tsingy of Bemaraha », it takes 2 days of car in the car of Antananarivo - Morondava - Bekopaka.

The section of Antananarivo - Morondava, about 650kms, the road is tarred while that of Morondava - Belo/Tsirihibina- Bekopaka, 200 kms, with 5:00 of time road in track and 02 crossing of river out of Vat.

You can imagine the intensity of the adventure and tiredness throughout road...


Single in the world, the site
« Tsingy of Bemaraha »
is a world heritage, declared by UNESCO in 1991.

Who would not dream to walk on the sharp-edged peaks of Tsingy, or to enter the various caves of this great site or to discover the various species like the baobab trees, lemurs SIFAKA,...


After long roads or a day of discovery to cut the breath, the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha and all its team is ready to be useful to you and satisfy through its services.

Constituted by 16 Bungalows comfort, 07 Rooms and 03 continuations, each one will have the choice to choose its accommodation. In order to satisfy our customers, the whole of the hotel is enlightened 24:00/24 by solar panels.


Hotel - accomodation

With its classified accommodation, adapted to international customers, the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha offers professional commitments and services looked after according to the budget and categories of travellers. In this topic “accommodation”, the visitors are entitled to idleness and a serene stay. They choose among the types of accommodation suggested by the establishment: bungalows, standard rooms with or without mezzanine, or continuations of luxury.



To benefit from the sun and a large fresh fresh air, a stay at the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha is an indubitable and unquestionable opportunity. Skilful and professional in this field, the establishment can be with the listening of the needs for each customer. To show its know-how, the hotel proposes a pallet of leisures and Entertainment aiming at enriching the stay by the holiday makers.

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service restaurant


The restoration is one of the major assets among the services and services offered by the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha. Gourmets or simple tasters will give pleasure of enjoying the wealth of the Malagasy gastronomy.




To be informed on the selected destination is useful. The principle consists in depth knowing each information concerning this destination. It is accordingly that the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha devotes these lines of news for the visitors. By reading these pages, you will be with the current of the wonders and the splendour of the island. You will also see the authenticity and the wealths of the biodiversity, placed under protection in the national parks. Each province, each region have their own specificity even more attracting the ones that the others. To join these places of discovery, the hotel proposes means of transport on its site. Obviously, the convenience of your stay also differs according to the budget, of the category, accommodation and the car rental. The last thing and not of least relates to the activities of all kinds to make your stay even more pleasant. We will speak about the ludic programs, the visits and the discoveries. The weather and the climate all the year will be also at your disposal.