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Established on a ground of 3 ha, the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha is a ecolodge of 3 stars promises to the visitors of the park Tsingy de Bemaraha:
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Cruises tourism: a thousand Japanese tourists in Tolagnaro

On January 18, the arrival of a thousand Japanese tourists in Tolagnaro was confirmed by the Japanese ambassador himself. The goal is to discover the locality but in parallel, some of these tourists are there to carry out charitable activities and collaborate with local ONG.

Much to the delight of the people of Tolagnaro, Japanese tourists arrived safely on January 8th. The Ocean Dream boat anchored at the port of Ehoala after touring the world a few months ago. This tour includes this passage on the coasts of the big island, specially in this southern part, in Tolagnaro.

This boat stayed only two days in this locality but was able to visit some famous places that interested the tourists. Some of them took advantage of this short stay to carry out charitable activities and cultural exchanges with local ONG and residents.

After Tolagnaro, the Ocean Dream boat intends to reach the South African coast to discover the natural wealth of this locality. It is even the primary objective of their passage by boat: to go against the biodiversity of a country and to discover the identity culture.

Apart from Ocean Dream, the liner Costa Victoria, a regular on the Malagasy lands, also went to Nosy Be on January 26th. He carried on board thousands of tourists from Italy. The visitors were able to discover mythical places of the locality, among others the great beaches of Andilana and Ampasindava as well as the Lokobe nature reserve.

This same liner incorporates in its itinerary 4 other Malagasy coasts after Nosy Be. These touches will be distributed until the end of the cruise season, that is to say in March. Note that the stopover of these boats is very beneficial for the economy of the locality concerned then for the country in question. Imagine that only one cruiser has to pay about 100 € for a tour fare, while only one liner takes a thousand tourists. Do the computation !



To arrive at the destination "Tsingy of Bemaraha", it takes 2 days of car in the car of Antananarivo - Morondava - Bekopaka. The section of Antananarivo - Morondava, about 650kms, the road is tarred while that of Morondava - Belo/Tsirihibina- Bekopaka, 200 kms, with 5:00 of time road in track and 02 crossing of river out of Vat. You can imagine the intensity of the adventure and tiredness throughout road...


Single in the world, the site "Tsingy of Bemaraha" is a world heritage, declared by UNESCO in 1991. Who would not dream to walk on the sharp-edged peaks of Tsingy, or to enter the various caves of this great site or to discover the various species like the baobab trees, lemurs SIFAKA,...


After long roads or a day of discovery to cut the breath, the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha and all its team is ready to be useful to you and satisfy through its services. Constituted by 16 Bungalows comfort, 07 Rooms and 03 continuations, each one will have the choice to choose its accommodation. In order to satisfy our customers, the whole of the hotel is enlightened 24:00/24 by solar panels...






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