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Established on a ground of 3 ha, the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha is a ecolodge of 3 stars promises to the visitors of the park Tsingy de Bemaraha:
« Adventure, Discovered and Wellness at the same time »



Madécasse, a brand of chocolate «made in Madagascar»

Madagascar is the land of lemurs and beautiful beaches but also the land of fine cocoa used to make the best chocolates in the world. By this unique quality offered by the local cocoas, two Peace Corps volunteers sent to Madagascar had the idea to create a new brand of chocolate named Madécasse, a label made purely in Madagascar!

Two Peace Corps volunteers named Brett Beach and Tim MacCollum fell in love with the taste of our Malagasy cocoa. Thanks to this great passion, a brand of chocolate «Madécasse» has emerged and offers chocolate bars made from the finest cocoa of the big island.

The products are developed locally and are sold worldwide through the brand's website. Several flavors are suggested to gourmands, including grilled coconut, sea salt, cranberries, orange and Christmas spices. Each tablet has its own color and specific cocoa dosage to differentiate the scent and taste of each. The purchase is done directly on the supplier site since the price is already displayed. Note that Malagasy and foreigners can fill their basket even if the price is in dollars. Just click on «add to cart» to order some tablets.

As it is a 100% Malagasy product, each tablet package contains between 60% and 90% of fine cocoa from the famous plantations of the Big Island. The brand is trying to generate high revenues for local producers and farmers. The two founders provide them with regular training to earn them up to 60% of income. This direct negotiation with producers is essential to make the project sustainable for fair trade.



To arrive at the destination "Tsingy of Bemaraha", it takes 2 days of car in the car of Antananarivo - Morondava - Bekopaka. The section of Antananarivo - Morondava, about 650kms, the road is tarred while that of Morondava - Belo/Tsirihibina- Bekopaka, 200 kms, with 5:00 of time road in track and 02 crossing of river out of Vat. You can imagine the intensity of the adventure and tiredness throughout road...


Single in the world, the site "Tsingy of Bemaraha" is a world heritage, declared by UNESCO in 1991. Who would not dream to walk on the sharp-edged peaks of Tsingy, or to enter the various caves of this great site or to discover the various species like the baobab trees, lemurs SIFAKA,...


After long roads or a day of discovery to cut the breath, the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha and all its team is ready to be useful to you and satisfy through its services. Constituted by 16 Bungalows comfort, 07 Rooms and 03 continuations, each one will have the choice to choose its accommodation. In order to satisfy our customers, the whole of the hotel is enlightened 24:00/24 by solar panels...






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17 kms from « Tsingy de Bemaraha » National Park

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