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« Adventure, Discovered and Wellness at the same time »

Extraordinary discovery of the Great Tsingy of Bemaraha

One will not make last suspense. From now on, it is time to be with the attack of Tsingy, located at only 17 km north of village of Bekopaka. At the beginning, you travel by a cross-country car to the carpark of the site. Then, you borrow the circuit of Andamozavaky, wide on a distance of approximately 5 km. In the middle of this arranged circuit, your glances will be dazzled in front of the vastness of this confusing landscape. The large stone forest is finally with your range. You will notice directly from the sharp and pointed peaks that erosion and the climate left their prints on this picturesque and expressive place. To explore the site, of the devices were set up, namely of the footbridges, the pauses feet, the scales, the cross-belts and the cables.

The crossing of the site is done in two parts. Initially, you cross a zone of vegetable formation then you traverse an incredible descent to plunge in the middle of the cut rocks. After the descent, you climb Tsingy until you reach the suspended bridge. The second point of the sight is accessible after this suspended bridge. To rest and improvise a small picnic in the middle of the eroded paving stones, it will be necessary to go down between the breaks from the rocks and to join the stone brood cathedral in the low part of the forest. After this moment of respite, the visitors leave the labyrinth finally to go along the canyon and to take again the way towards the carpark.

During the adventure, do not miss diversity by fauna and the flora finding refuge at the bottom of this singular maze. Birds, lemurs, chameleons, mongeese, rats and lizards cohabit in the middle of the invaluable vegetations as the ebony wood and the purple wood. The equipment like the gloves, walking shoes, lamp, hat, sunscreen, anti-mosquito cream and water bottles is also obligatory.







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17 kms from « Tsingy de Bemaraha » National Park

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