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With its classified accommodation, adapted to international customers, the Grand Hotel Tsingy de Bemaraha offers professional commitments and services looked after according to the budget and categories of travellers. In this topic «accommodation», the visitors are entitled to idleness and a serene stay. They choose among the types of accommodation suggested by the establishment:

standard rooms with or without mezzanine,
or continuations of luxury.

Bungalow de l'hôtel In the category « bungalows », the establishment has an accommodation bungalow double, simple, twin, triple and family. The double bungalow and twin are perfect for a couple. Comfortable and provided with medical private, the double bungalows and twin are equipped with a double bed or a bed two places as well as a broken down space.

The simple bungalow is booked to only one customer wishing to swim in peace lasting its stay. With its single bed and its medical private, the simple bungalow is convenient and independent. You can pass from the peaceful vacancies and in all ease.

The triple bungalow contains more livable space than the first two bungalows. It can accommodate visitors two to three. With the Grand Hotel of Tsingy de Bemaraha, a triple bungalow is much more suitable. You enjoy an unforgettable stay thanks to its bed-double, roomy and characteristic. Another single bed is added to this bed-double if a couple with a child will carry out the reservation.

The family bungalow also is extended and booked to the large families. The parents and the children 4 to 5 can profit from this kind of autonomous accommodation. Team of several beds and an optimal ventilation, a family bungalow constitutes the adequate type of accommodation.

Mezzanine de l'hôtel If you choose the change, a room with mezzanine is also available to the hotel. This kind of accommodation allured by its additional livable space out of wood, established in height. Couples with or without child, friends or colleagues, the mezzanine is adapted to all the visitors.

For the rooms, the Grand Hotel lays out seven, any comfort of them, ventilated and noncommunicating. Equipped with medical private and other basic accessories, the rooms are practical and favourable with all waitings of each customer. Their noncommunicating property admits more freedom and of autonomy to the tenants.

Suite de l'hôtel For an environment even more prestigious, the hotel arranges 3 continuations of luxury to all the customers with the unlimited budget. Containing the basic equipment, these continuations have other additional services, creating an atmosphere even more cocooning. Roomy, air-conditioned and composed of several parts to living (living room, kitchen and rooms), the continuations of luxury are of a modern style offering an air of “at home” all to the visitors.

Le bar

Le bar

Useful information

The tourist season begins April 15th and November 30th , during the rainy season the road is inaccessible.

For the visit, do not forget your torches, your shoes of excursions, glasses, shield solar and hat.

The service of TPE (TERMINAL ELECTRONIC PAYMENT) is not yet accessible to Bekopaka, the use of the credit cards stops in Morondava.

Exchange rate

- 1€ ≈ 3 000 Ariary
- 1$ ≈ 2 000 Ariary