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Small Tsingy - Tour Andadoany

- Name tour: Andadoany
- Distance: 2Kms
- Duration of visite: 2 with 3h
- Difficulty;: Easy

Small Tsingy, another option to visit the site

Before directly facing the routes of Large Tsingy, it is preferable to test Small Tsingy, another more practical and accessible option for everyone. In spite of this facility, this way is all the more enriching that Large Tsingy. The name of the circuit is Andadoany spread out over a circuit of 2 km and crossed into approximately 2-3 hours. This small course lets discover the diversity of nature surrounding the site of Tsingy. What is astonishing in this landscape is to see plants rooting on the rocks. For their photosynthesis, these trees go up to the surface of the rocks, of 50cm with 1m of trunk in order to absorb the rays of the sun. In addition to these endemic plants, the wild animals also shelter in this space. One crosses various birds, reptiles there and species of lemurs like the gidro, the boenga and the sifaka.

A easier way but even more adventurous

Before leaving to the adventure, you need to buy a ticket on the spot. Then, you move in the cracks via the forest of large the tsingy until small the tsingy. The advantage with this circuit of Andadoany is the existence of a point of fixing where one can admire the sight and on which one can take pictures. After the photo meeting, one incites you to go down under the rock formation in order to see the rooting of limestones. Then you will furrow the walk of Small Tsingy before leaving to the attack the birds and the chameleons. For this visit of Small Tsingy, no specific equipment is required except the camera, the sunglasses and the hat. Essence is of living a new adventure opposite the vastness of Tsingy and under the sun of Bemaraha.







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17 kms from « Tsingy de Bemaraha » National Park

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