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Small Tsingy - Gorges of the Manambolo River tour

- Name tour: Gorges of the Manambolo River
- Distance: 1.500 Kms
- Duration of visit: 2h
- Difficulty: Easy

Stroll in the dugout on the circuit gorges with the Manambolo river

If you decide to come in family, the excursion in the dugout skirting the river of Manambolo will be most suitable. On the one hand, it is easy and at the same time ludic for any confused age. Of another share that makes it possible to discover another facet of the south-western landscape. This circuit is called the throat of the Manambolo river, lengthened on a distance of 1500 km and visited in less than two hours. The loading is fast since the visitors will be installed on a traditional dugout. The feeling is with go when the paddler, inhabitant of the Bekopaka village, starts to row the launch. One has the feeling to be carried by the current of this majestic river.

A surplus of discoveries

During the excursion, the mountains neighbourhood abound in surprising crowned tombs. While the alive ones benefit from the landscape, the ancestors rest comfortably in height of the mountains. Except for the tombs, one also discovers admirable sometimes painted cliffs of an immaculate orange, sometimes of a yellowish maroon mixture. As of time, in fact the plants decorate these cliffs or dominate the edges of the river remarkably. This way still offers others discovered even more surprising. Among them, observation of the birds which built their nests in the middle of the breaks of cliffs. If you are more observant, you will see surely other animals like the bats and the lemurs. Shy persons and booked, these bats leave only to fallen the night. During the day, one surprises them sleeping, leaning on their legs. As for the lemurs, they are rather curious about your passage and will be let photograph in all peace.

The other tourist attraction not to miss during this strolls in the dugout is the visit of the two caves. Arousing the interest of the visitors, this venerated place of the local inhabitants reveals another rock formation: stalagmites and stalactites.







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