Hotel: Services and delivery

Services et prestations de l'hotel

Proudly established in Bekopaka, the Big Hotel Tsingy de Bemaraha is the point of meeting of the tourists in search of an incredible nature and landscapes of exception.

The services and services proposed make the pride of the owners, charmed to accommodate with open arms all the visitors of the hotel. Whatever your budget, you have access to various private types of accommodation and any comfort. To spend the unforgettable vacancies in the middle of an admirable framework, 16 splendid ventilated and ultra-convenient bungalows expect you. If you are a large family, 7 noncommunicating rooms provided with medical private are at your disposal. In addition to these types of accommodation, 3 continuations of luxury are still available. Air-conditioned and equipped with additional equipment, these continuations are booked with all those which seek total ease.

To satisfy the customers, the establishment has of a bar and a restaurant proposing of the typically local receipts, containing seafood, meats and other products like wild boar, the sheep and the teal. With the bar, you taste with the made arranged cocktails and rhums house. Attended by a waiter and a devoted barman and listening, you will appreciate the flavour of the Malagasy gastronomy accompanied by the authentic taste by famous rum by Dzamandzar.

Several leisures are proposed by the establishment during your stay. Except for the large opened swimming pool, other fittings like the sports grounds, billiards, the table tennis and the massage room are also with your range. To vary the Entertainment, all the visitors are entitled also to the board games, connection wifi and the television sets flat panel displays, subscribed CanalSat. If you wish to fill your stay by external pastimes, Tsingy de Bemaraha is to only 17 km of the establishment. You are able also to mix with the Sakalava population by visiting the neighbourhoods or by carrying out a car rental since Morondava. The hotel takes care of the tickets and the reservation of a car which will bring you until Bekopaka.

Le bar

Le bar

Useful information

The tourist season begins April 15th and November 30th , during the rainy season the road is inaccessible.

For the visit, do not forget your torches, your shoes of excursions, glasses, shield solar and hat.

The service of TPE (TERMINAL ELECTRONIC PAYMENT) is not yet accessible to Bekopaka, the use of the credit cards stops in Morondava.

Exchange rate

- 1€ ≈ 3 000 Ariary
- 1$ ≈ 2 000 Ariary